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Economic Alert!

Trends & Stats for the 95%


The "recession" supposedly ended in 2009. But how's the recovery looking for you and your family?!

The truth is, America is in uncharted economic territory. There are trends appearing that are unprecedented. Now more than ever before you need to know what the media isn't telling you. You need to know your financial options and our FREE REPORT is the answer. It will provide you with clear understanding of how to create financial security by providing you with details on the 3 options available to you which are:

  • The Job Business Model
  • The Conventional Business Model
  • A Simple Yet Powerful Home-Based Residual Income Model

To really understand the most significant trends happening in today's economy which directly affect you, that is unless you're in the top 5%, we also provide news reports and in-depth analysis on topics such as:

  • Income Statistics
  • Unemployment Statistics
  • Debt Statistics
  • College Loans
  • Financial Challenges by Age Group
  • Rises In Cost of Living
  • The Cost of Raising a Child
  • Retirement Objectives For Each Age Group
  • Growing Inequality

Without clearly understanding economic trends as well as the 3 business models as are explained in this FREE REPORT, you may as well be sailing on the opens seas without a rudder!

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn:

  • 77% of people live from paycheck to paycheck at least part of the time.
  • 1 in 5 people are now on food stamps.
  • 4 in 5 people will experience economic hardship, even poverty through the year 2030.
  • Average household credit card debt is $15,325.
  • As of 2012 the average U.S. student loan debt climbed to $27,253a 58% increase in just seven years.
  • As of 2010 just 27 percent of college grads found a job that was closely related to their major.
  • 36 percent of young adults, ages 18-31, have either moved back in with their parents or never left home.
  • 58% of people have less than $25,000 saved for retirement, 28% have less than $1,000 saved.
  • In 2010 the average monthly Social Security payout for retired workers was just $1,176.
  • Just 5% of the population can retire without fear of financial limitation, able to handle emergencies, high health care costs, as well as enjoy a rewarding lifestyle.
  • Even for those who can afford a typical franchise, in a recent survey most owners work 10-14 hours per day, 50% of owners earn less than $50,000.
  • For conventional business in general, 25% fail in their first year, 65% fail after 5 years. After 10 years only 29% survived.

These financial hardships are experienced by people working towards "linear income", where they trade their limited time for limited dollars. This is why YOU need to understand your 3rd option which is the residual income model. You'll see examples of how corporations are structured with global distribution networks vs. the typical job. You'll learn the difference between the 45-Year Plan and the 90-Day Plan. Now is the time to see how working from home can create a CEO level salary with a fraction of the effort of what you're doing now, plus save so much on taxes that it's actually costing you NOT to use this strategy. You'll learn about a system that is designed for fast results, requires no previous business experience, no sales or marketing experience, and literally costs less than a tank of gas!

Do you really want to be part of these statistics?

If you seriously want to rise above financial limitation, with the knowledge found in this FREE REPORT, "Economic Alert: Stats & Trends for the 95%", you could be months away from breaking the chains of financial limitation!

You will also have the opportunity to learn about a residual income model offered by a company we've discovered that features the following:

  • Company founder with 25 years experience in the industry, self-made millionaire by his mid-20s
  • Low $45 entry cost which gives you an entire turnkey business operation
  • Easy break-even point with just 4 referrals
  • No sales required, consumption-based
  • All-natural wellness products positioned in 6 different billion dollar markets
  • Recession proof
  • Based on helping people overcome financial challenges and achieve optimal health
  • 90 Day Plan to earn $10,000 ongoing residual income per month, with no caps sky is the limit
  • Profit-sharing pool from international markets

While millions of people are being adversely affected by negative economic trends, you will learn how you can use these trends in your favor. While millions of people are stuck with the effects of a long, debilitating recession, you now can make the choice to not participate.

Now you've got an opportunity to benefit from THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, THE RIGHT TEAM, AND THE RIGHT TRENDS. The objective is to enable you to pay off your debt, and create an ongoing residual income that will enable you to buy your life back in a matter of months!

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and learn how you can create your own recovery!

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